Image of a heart by Camilo Jimenez
Image of a heart by Camilo Jimenez



April 26, 2023

You’ve probably heard of one of the world’s most infamous dolls, Annabelle, a Raggedy Anne Doll who’s inspired a whole series of movies because of suspected demonic possession. While Annabelle may be one of the most heard of artifacts in the Warren’s Occult Museum, she certainly is not the only haunted doll.


The museum is home to many unsettling dolls and toys, but a particularly terrifying one is the Shadow Doll


The Shadow Doll is made of real human bones and some parts (such as the teeth and nails or the doll) are made from animals. Unlike Annabelle, it was never meant to be a cute doll. It’s soul purpose was to terrify and curse.

Shadow Doll from The Warren's Occult Museum (photo taken from
Shadow Doll from The Warren’s Occult Museum (photo taken from

It was created in a ritual. Apparently, the creator of the doll made the doll to send photos of it to people they wanted to do harm to. (This is funny because you’ve most likely already looked at the photo above.) It’s said that seeing the photo of the doll would curse whoever saw it. 


The curse was that the doll would visit you in your dreams and give them a nightmare so terrifying that, according to Ed Warren, could stop people’s hearts causing them to die.


It leaves the question that if this doll is so horrible then why hasn’t it been destroyed? That’s because it’s said that the spirits summoned during the doll’s creation will follow after those who destroy it, which is why one of the best options for a doll like this is locking it away. Currently it’s home is The Warren’s Occult Museum where it is safely away and can’t hurt anyone. (Unless you looked at that picture above, then it would suck to be you.)

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