February 22, 2023

On TikTok, it’s not a surprise to see a video of someone saying “guys don’t watch this video/ movie” and all the comments to be people saying that they wished they listened. Recently while stumbling upon one of these videos, I decided to watch the movie the girl in the TikTok was so disturbed by.


Tusk is not a scary movie. This is somewhat a review, and somewhat a don’t watch this movie, not cause it’s scary but stupid, and save yourself some time.


The story follows a man named Wallace (this is so funny to me, and you’ll understand why soon) who runs a podcast as a self proclaimed proud Nazi with his friend. He goes to Canada in hopes of finding a story to talk about on his show.


 It makes you wonder if they wanted us to feel bad for the victim of this movie, why make him a Nazi?


While in Canada, an older man who claims his life has been filled with stories invites Wallace in to tell him these stories for Wallace’s show.


He offers Wallace some tea and tells him that he was stranded in the ocean before and his only companion was a walrus (are you starting to understand why the name is funny now?) and how he would do anything to see this walrus again. Unfortunately while lost at sea on an island, he ate his sea friend to stay alive. 


As it turns out, the tea was drugged, and Wallace is surgically sewn into a walrus suit made of human flesh. (The funny thing was that his name is Wallace and now he’s Wallace the Walrus.)


There’s a whole lot of weird scenes about teaching the “walrus to swim,” and while scenes of this flesh abomination is disturbing, the ending of the movie ruins everything. 


Sometimes I am a fan of confusing and out of the box things happening in horror movies, but this was new and unlike any other type of weird I had seen in a movie before. The man who is holding Wallace the Walrus captive puts on his own walrus suit and battles walrus. There was literally a “there ain’t enough room for two walruses around these parts” scene. 


I mean, it did have to go with the old guy’s guilt for having the other walrus been killed by him- a sick way of reacting history to go the right way: giving the walrus a chance to fight back- but I like my description better. 


Wallace is then “rescued” by his girlfriend, who is now sleeping with his best friend on the podcast with him, and his best friend. They somehow immediately know that walrus has to be Wallace. 


They do what all good friends would do… they put him in a ZOO? The movie ends with this man being visited at a tiny pen with a tiny pool of water and little hut fences at a zoo? He’s also being fed a raw fish. They didn’t even try to fix this man, and they didn’t even give him real food, they feed his fish. 


The ending was so hard to be scared by. I’m sorry, but it was laughable. Let this serve as a reminder that gore and disturbance does not equal good. 

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Taylor Hill is senior at Lincoln Park and is a writing and publishing major. She’s the editor in chief for The SIREN newspaper and is also writing the horror column for The SIREN this year.

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  • O

    Ollie WarrenMar 7, 2023 at 10:26 am

    you are absolutely right girlie. Gore does not mean good!