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March 22, 2023

Did you know Lincoln Park has a yearbook? Lincoln Park has had a yearbook for many years, but seemingly, according to the yearbook crew, they think they could use more traction and would like to see more students purchase them this year. Not only does the yearbook team want more traction this year, they also want the yearbook to be unlike any other past years.


Parker Murphy, a senior media major from Rochester and part of the yearbook staff, stated what his role in this project is. “I’m a member of the yearbook team; right now we are just making spreads for each of the departments, each of the academic, and the school events-like shows, fall ball, all those.”

Parker Murphy
Parker Murphy



He expressed his feelings about past yearbooks. “In past years, yearbook has been, in my opinion, kinda boring. It’s been, like, almost a standard yearbook from, like, other schools. So, this year we’re hoping to make it more interactive and fun.” 


Murphy was asked how the yearbook staff planned to make the yearbook more fun this year. “Just more vibrant, interactive, things you can do on the pages- maybe scribble? Maybe something texture wise.”


Another member of yearbook, Jacob Trapp, a junior media major from Freedom, explained the process that’s going into this year’s yearbook. “We have a team of people who shoot photos for yearbook. They go around classrooms and the different majors and take pictures. They also go to events like Shadow Cast, so we can put those pictures in as well.”


Trapp also explained the advertising that happened during lunches earlier this year, and how this year will be different from last. “This year we will advertise the yearbook more because in previous years, not many people knew about [the] yearbook or where you were able to purchase one.”


Molly Rose McCathery, a junior media major from Upper Saint Clair and a member of the yearbook staff, explained that students and student voices are very important to this year’s yearbook. “We’re hoping to have a lot of fun spreads and pages that are, um, working with the students and the ideas they have. We were also talking about working with LP Sleeps and stuff like that.” 


McCathery gave an answer to how the yearbook is incorporating student ideas by answering, “We sent out a form and got a lot of really great feedback.”

Molly Rose McCathery
Molly Rose McCathery

She continued, “We’re also kinda going with a theme this year, which is different than our past years.” But she clarified she didn’t know if she was allowed to share the theme yet or not.


Her biggest plot point however was how yearbook will be given to people differently this year, whereas some believed it to be inconvenient in the past. “We’re hoping to print it this year. In past years, we haven’t printed it. We’ve just given someone a link and it would come in [during] the summer.”


The final member of yearbook interviewed, Lucy Tomkowski, a junior media major from Baden, shared how the process of creating the book is coming along. She personally thinks the yearbook is going well and the finished product will be great. “So far everything is going pretty smoothly, but as the year goes on, I think things are going to get a little more hectic and stuff. We’re just going to have to come together as a group and deal with any problems we may have.”

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    sarah watersApr 3, 2023 at 11:33 am

    We had paper year books . Nit hard covered . Give the people what they can afford . And do it in all schools . Not just lower income areas . Give students even equity.