December 15, 2022

In 2019, Caamp debuted on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart. Already two albums under their belt, the Ohio based band released their third studio album Lavender Days on June 24, 2022. The album begins with the upbeat song “Come With Me Now,” inviting listeners to go on the journey that is Lavender Days. 


Caamp includes members Taylor Meier and Evan Westfall, who met back when they were in middle school. They started making music together in 2013 while in college, and members Matt Vinson and Joseph Kavalec joined the band shortly after. 


Caamp is notorious for upbeat and catchy folk tunes filled with intricate guitar arrangements and introspective lyricism. Nonetheless, Lavender Days is brimming with warm songs and happy lyrics, while also touching on life’s disappointments and consequences. 


For instance, in “Apple Tree Blues” lead singer Taylor Meier provides listeners with happy images of days in the countryside before exposing sadness in the song’s chorus. He sang, “Tell me all the things you’d like to do but you can’t / ‘Cause you’re scared that you’re going to hell.” Thoughtful lyrics such as these resonate with listeners who fear being judged for their choices or personal identity. 


Meier’s unique voice swells over solo acoustic guitar in the peaceful song that closed the album, titled “Sure Of.” He sang, “You’ve got a gold pocket looking glass / I hope when you’re looking back / You look back with love.” These lyrics, although partnered with the most melancholy music on the album, reveal that Lavender Days is about reflecting on the past. 


Overall, Lavender Days inspires listeners to reflect on their own lives, while presenting them with songs that often feel like a warm embrace.  


Notable tracks:

Courtesy of Caamp


“Apple Tree Blues”

“Lavender Girl”

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