The album covers of Halloway Williams, Kenny Stockard, and Livefromthecity from Spotify. (Courtesy of Halloway Williams, Kenny Stockard,and Livefromthecity.)
The album covers of Halloway Williams, Kenny Stockard, and Livefromthecity from Spotify.

Courtesy of Halloway Williams, Kenny Stockard,and Livefromthecity.



September 21, 2022

The city of Pittsburgh is teeming with musicians and artists alike. Big names like Mac Miller, George Benson, Christina Aguilera, and Wiz Khalifa all hail from the steel city. However, keep in mind, all these famous musicians were once just local ones playing at open mics and busking in the streets. 


Pittsburgh offers us such a diverse lineup of musicians and hundreds of opportunities to hear them perform. During the summer, I went to Kenny Stockard’s album release show at the Thunderbird Music Hall and was blown away. 


Halloway Williams, a local indie pop artist, opened the show. Her powerful voice sailed through the venue as she accompanied herself on electric guitar and keyboard. Her newest release ROCKABYE is a self-produced EP with magical instrumentals and emotional lyricism. 


Next up was rapper and producer Livefromthecity from Pittsburgh’s Driving While Black Records who performed with a full band. Taking influences from Drake and Kid Cudi, Livefromthecity’s upbeat, catchy songwriting allowed the audience to join in and sing along. 


To end the night, Kenny Stockard performed his new album Chase Chance wearing a silvery suit and a smile. His fusion of jazz, soul, and R&B made for energetic songs with encouraging messages of love and hope.


Stockard’s impressive vocal range and backing band of expert musicians had everyone in the crowd dancing with elation. In between songs, Stockard spoke fondly of his late sister, who inspired Chase Chance,while a home video of him as a child was projected behind the stage. It was a sentimental moment that certainly left a mark on the audience.


This remarkable concert is just one example of the amazing musical talent in our city. It is a reminder of why supporting the arts in our community is so important. The arts bring people together, allowing us to feel those deep, vulnerable emotions and inspiring us to keep moving forward. As Kenny Stockard sings: “Keep on fighting, keep on believing, don’t give up.” 

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