September 1, 2022

Only months before she was scheduled to begin recording her sixth studio album, Angel Olsen was forced to face the unimaginable pain of losing both her parents only weeks apart.


She bravely went into the studio anyway and released her emotions into the unwavering declaration of love that is Big Time


Olsen always dreamed of becoming a musician, but she didn’t release her first solo work until the age of 24. Now 35, and recently out as queer, not only is her new album about love, but also a renewal of self. 


Released on June 3, 2022, Big Time includes dreamy tracks, often full of sweeping imagery. She paints pictures of fields of flowers and midnight skies through her artistic lyrics. On other, more upbeat songs, Olsen reveals her country influences such as Tammy Wynnette and Emmylou Harris.


Angel Olsen’s unique, smooth yet bluesy voice rises over anthemic, acoustic guitar accompaniments, providing a comfort to listeners as she sings of pain and sorrow. Ethereal sounds and tones creep into the music, making the songs twinkle with stardust as she sings melodiously over them. A tinge of sadness is present in her voice as she details her cherished memories and experiences while living with grief. 


The lyricism represented in Big Time is relatable, poetic, and truthful. Often, Olsen writes candidly, as if she is giving advice to the listener.


In “Ghost On” she sings openly: “I need to be myself / I won’t live another lie” before adding: “I won’t be with you and hide.” Olsen’s self-acceptance is inspiring to listeners who are searching for their own. Additionally, in “Big Time” she professes her love by repeating, “I’m loving you big time / I’m loving you more.”


Overall, Big Time is an uplifting, emotional body of work that resonates deeply, transcends generations of listeners, and provides insight into the joy of being true to one’s self.


Despite her personal turmoil, Angel Olsen has produced a joyful work that promotes the significance of personal freedom and expression. 


Notable Tracks: 

“Big Time” 

“All The Good Times” 

“Ghost On”

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Gabriella Salvucci is a senior music major at Lincoln Park who writes the In Queue Music Review column. This is her first year writing for The Siren. She enjoys writing songs, playing gigs, and reading.

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