June 9, 2022

This aesthetic is seen as a free-spirited and simplistic but comfy room aesthetic. That’s right, this week, we’re diving into the boho room aesthetic!


Perhaps one of the more popular room aesthetics across social media platforms like VSCO, Pinterest, and TikTok, it draws attention from every eye because of its comfy and mature look. Boho rooms look as if you could hop right into the photo and curl up with all the big blankets and pillows. 


While maintaining its simplistic and mature look, the boho aesthetic also allows a creative and playful element into them. This normally comes from the little touches of color and decor found around the room.


The walls tend to be painted a white or light gray color to keep the room airy and simple. HInts of light pink and orange can be found in the room, alongside a wood element, providing a natural and creative touch to the room. Your eye may catch pops of green since greenery like plants and succulents are common in boho rooms as well!


As just mentioned, boho rooms commonly have a wood or wood tone element in them. Whether it’s the wooden floors or wooden shelves, the color it brings to the room gives a calming vibe to it. 


As far as decor goes, it’s very minimal, since the boho aesthetic focuses more on simplicity. Decor normally consists of simple plants and flowers, fairy lights, simple paintings and wall collages, and even some macramé based items like dream catchers and plant hangers.


When it comes to the comfiness factor of this room aesthetic, the boho aesthetic rates an eleven out of ten. The bed is always loaded with big, sometimes knit, blankets and simplistic but cloud-like pillows. Fluffy rugs are also common in these rooms!


The aim of boho rooms are to be bright, airy, and simplistic but to still let a person’s creativity shine through. This is why you will often find pops of, normally one, color throughout the room. Light pinks and oranges are the most popular for this room aesthetic because they coordinate with flower colors and keep the room light, but really you can throw any light color in there!


So if you think that a simple but comfy and creative room is your dream room, you might want to think about the boho room aesthetic!

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