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R.E.D.O Your Room With Grace

June 6, 2022

Perhaps one of the most popular room aesthetics across young people, the TikTok room aesthetic is based mainly on room decor trends that go around on the app. Therefore, this aesthetic focuses mainly on the decor pieces in the room rather than the colors of the walls and the type of furniture. 


But as far as paint color and furniture goes, both are relatively simple in this aesthetic. Bedroom walls tend to be a basic color like white or light gray, but can also be any other light color since decor is more important in this room. Furniture most commonly found in these rooms tend to be white IKEA furniture, since it’s simple and a common choice for teens. 


The decor pieces are what really make the TikTok room aesthetic what it is. While it was more common a couple years ago, it’s still a popular choice amongst teens when selecting a room aesthetic. Hence why the majority of well known TikTok room decor pieces are trends you might have seen circulating on TikTok.


Perhaps one of the most common decor pieces is LED lights. These add a totally different vibe to your room at night, and are very popular for the ambiance and mood they provide. They can really help to add personality to your room. 


Kind of going hand in hand with the LED lights, galaxy projectors are also a popular choice amongst teens. A galaxy projector can once again add a different vibe and ambience to your room at night. Plus, how cool does it look to have a galaxy on your ceiling!


Other decor items in this aesthetic include fake vines and succulents, records, hand painted wall flowers, photo collages, and anything else neon. 


Like in the VSCO room aesthetic, photo collages are also very popular in the TikTok room aesthetic because it adds personality and color to the room. Photo collages can vary in type, but generally, photo collages with bright or neon colors tend to be common. 


Collage walls are also common in this room aesthetic. It’s important to note that a collage wall can be a bit different than a photo collage. A collage wall can include other things like neon signs and records on top of the prints and photos, while a photo collage tends to be just a wall of pictures.


All things considered, this room aesthetic definitely focuses around the decor and night time setting of the room more than other aesthetics might. So if you’re a big fan of LED lights and following the room decor trends on TikTok, you might want to consider this aesthetic for your room!

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Grace Davis is a senior writing and publishing major and is an editor on the Siren. This is her second year on the Siren and the second year for her column, R.E.D.O. Your Room with Grace. When she’s not writing or editing for the Siren, she can be found at her allstar cheer gym, reading, or playing video games.

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