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April 8, 2022

The vintage room aesthetic is commonly known as an older style that gives off an “old school” vibe, or which evokes a certain time period or a combination of older time periods that can be seen as nostalgic. Commonly loved by “old souls” and music lovers, this room aesthetic is really an umbrella aesthetic where many people can fall into. 


This room aesthetic consists of a variety of different colors, but they all tend to be more subtle and blended together. Walls tend to be painted beige or cream white while the furniture itself is normally white or wood-toned. Wooden shelves found on walls are also common to bring that wood feature to the room.


Any furniture that can be labeled as “retro” and looks like it’s at least a couple decades old is normally the type you can find in vintage-style bedrooms. Furniture pieces can range from any year and can be any style, it’s really all about what the stylist prefers!


As for decor, vintage items and pieces are usually displayed. Common vintage decor pieces are normally records, music posters, Polaroid pictures, succulents and ivy vines, fairy lights, and tapestries. Often, you’ll find wall collages in these styled bedrooms that can be a mix of any of the decor items just mentioned, or can just be a bunch of prints that depict older things and ideas. 


Vintage rooms can either have a busy or uncluttered look to them. Once again, it’s all about the stylist’s personal preference and their interests. Most times, you can find little aspects of the stylist’s interests and hobbies speckled through the room. 


A common hobby displayed in a lot of vintage rooms is music. Often you will find instruments and sheet music laying around this type of room, alongside the popular wall decor of vinyl records and album cover posters. It’s pretty common to find at least one guitar in the room somewhere. 


It’s also important to note that vintage rooms are most always found with a lot of light streaming through them, whether it’s coming from sunlight or lamps. Vintage bedrooms tend to have an overall light and bright look to them, with decor and seating to exemplify the carefree and easy attitude the room can give. 


Dark vintage rooms can also be found, since the vintage aesthetic does not only limit it to being a bright and airy space. Dark vintage rooms consist of the same typical things you would find in a vintage room, just with a darker, moodier tone than their counterpart. 


Are you someone who has always loved the past decades and everything they were filled with? If so, then the vintage room aesthetic might just be for you!

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Grace Davis is a senior writing and publishing major and is an editor on the Siren. This is her second year on the Siren and the second year for her column, R.E.D.O. Your Room with Grace. When she’s not writing or editing for the Siren, she can be found at her allstar cheer gym, reading, or playing video games.

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