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March 22, 2022

Love and Other Words is a contemporary romance novel by Christina Lauren. This story follows Macy Sorenson and Elliot Petropoulos’ best friends until something happens between them and causes Macy to not talk to him for eleven years. Until she runs into him at a cafe unexpectedly. 


This story switches back and forth from past and present, if you aren’t into that, I wouldn’t recommend this book. This book does cover death and slight mature themes.

Macy is engaged to her supposed love of her life until she runs into Elliot again. At first Elliot backs off and lets her have her own way.


Macy’s friend from college, Sabrina continuously tries to get her to talk to Elliot due to sorta knowing their history. Macy agrees to meet Elliot for breakfast one day which sorta kicks her into gear to realize what she needs to do.


 Eventually Macy gives in and invites Elliot to a small get together that has everyone including her fiancé Sean. During that gathering Sean seems to see how Macy is trying to sorta not interact with Elliot. After the gathering ended Sean tells her she needs to sort out her emotions before they decide on truly getting married. 


This story definitely is not a slow burn but it’s a very sweet story that truly gets to the point. Though finding out why they weren’t in contact takes a little bit to figure out. Other than that this story is great to get you out of a reading slump as I finished it in like two days. 


Overall, I gave this story a five out of five stars on Goodreads and Storygraph. When I give five out of five stars the book was truly good, and I would definitely read it again. If you check out this story comment below, or if you have any questions about the story, comment!

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