The 27 Club has become perhaps the most infamous grouping of musicians based off of one common characteristic, particularly being the age that the musicians died. No one knows why there are so many deaths among musicians at the age of 27. Some believe it’s just a matter of mere coincidence, while others believe it’s something far more sinister. 


Although several additions to the 27 Club occurred during the 70’s, it was the death of Kurt Cobain in 1994 that turned the heads of some fans. Putting the age of 27 up for analyzing, it was discovered that several talented musicians died at this age either from suicide, overdose, or from a freak accident. Since Cobain’s death, several more artists have joined the 27 Club. 


Besides Kurt Cobain, several other musicians, actors, and other young celebrities have joined the Club. Some of the most well known are Janis Joplin, who died in 1970, Jimi Hendrix , who also died in 1970, and Jim Morrison, who died in 1971. The later members to join include Kristen Pfaff who died only a couple of months after Cobain and Amy Winehouse, who died in 2011.


Although most people believe that the deaths of these young stars are nothing more than a freak coincidence, others aren’t so certain. Several people have speculated that these people actually made a deal with the devil himself. The theories claim that before the musicians’ stardom, they summoned the devil, creating a contract with him. The contract is simple: the devil will give the musician fame and riches and glory and when they’re in their 27th year, he will take their souls. Despite the ominously of this presumption, it could explain the way these young artists suddenly pass away.


The 27 Club has taken dozens of beloved and talented musicians. No one knows the greatness these people would have achieved if they had lived past 27. Roughly 75 musicians have joined this club and more will inevitably be inducted as well. Whether you believe in soul-snatching contracts, or just think that their rock n’ roll lifestyle caught up to them, it’s still a tragic tale that leaves people concerned for the well being of musicians turning 27.