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March 8, 2022

The Spanish Love Deception is a novel by Elena Armas revolving around Catalina Martin and Aaron Blackford, former work enemies.

Warning this book is a slow-burn, like very slow. Catalina needs a date for her sister’s wedding. Aaron offers but at first Catalina is disgusted by the idea. Like genuinely is disgusted at the fact, she hates him and he hates her so why would he offer? Throughout the book they bicker back and forth before finally she agrees.

All through the story you can pick up on little things he remembers about her and she begins to notice as well which makes the story all more cuter. In the beginning of the story Aaron says: “I’ll be your date to the wedding. If you need one that badly.” and Catalina replies: “Is he really there? Can you see him? Or did someone spike my coffee without me noticing?” She’s talking to her friend Rosie who is trying to get her to get with Aaron; she continues to try to do so throughout the story.

Aaron tries to convince her by remembering the little things about her and making sure she’s okay and healthy. At one point in the book she passes out and Aaron comes to her rescue and makes sure she gets something to eat and is okay before taking her home.

Sometimes you can get mad at Catalina for not giving him a chance right away, but I feel like if she did it would make the story rushed and you wouldn’t even be able to get a full novel out of it.

In general this book was great, but it isn’t a book I would reread again. It’s one of those books that once you read it once you get the overall understanding and don’t need to read it again. When reading this story please keep in mind there is a hint of an eating disorder. It’s mentioned a few times so please be careful when reading. Overall, I give this story a three and a half stars out of five. Let me know if you’d read this story or not in the comments below!

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