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March 10, 2022

The wheelhouse of an eye has such a palate of colors, from hazel, to green, brown, and blue, but an eyelash is what makes the iris pop. As the immediate attraction to a distinct face.


Selecting the cosmetic that personally works for you may seem intimidating, but not to fear, Sam Rossi, a senior writing and publishing major from Beaver Falls sets the readers outlook on lash extensions.


I do lash extensions, so they are like hair extensions, but they are $200, and they are on your eyelashes. My eyelashes don’t come off, they shed, and I get them filled. Like, acrylic nails. I like it better…then having to worry about wiping my face off!”


Rossi also recommends the lash tec salon called, Faccia Bella in Bridgewater.


However, mascara could be an option for you as well, my personal favorite is brown mascara. More specifically, Lancome Hypnose. It provides a natural beauty coat to your own lash.


“I don’t believe that you should have to spend a ton of money to find a great mascara. I have used many different types in the past but two that I [liked] the best was ‘Volume’ Express The Rocket mascara,’ by Maybelline and the “Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara’,” Savannah Slencak, a junior musical theatre major from Moon township writes via email. 


Another Lincoln Park performer, discusses the use of fake lashes, “I enjoy fake lashes more because it gives you the look of a doll-like bigger eyes. It also just makes you look and feel more, finished,”‘ Kendall Modro, a junior dance major shares these thoughts via email. 


There are two variations of fake lashes such as strip and magnetic. “I personally think magnetic lashes are so much harder to use than strip lashes because you have to line up the top and bottom lash perfectly and even then, if you have thin lashes, they will not stay,” Modro addresses. 


Evolution, though eyelash enhancement have changed from decades of dripping mascara to fake eye lashes that fall off with every blink. At this point the decision is just preference based.


Slencak adds, “…Eyelash curlers make a huge difference…”











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