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March 11, 2022

This week, I watched a movie that I am pretty sure a lot of you have heard of, but just in case you have not seen it yet, it was Encanto. I personally have heard about the movie a lot, so I decided I would give it a try.


This movie has a lot going for it. For one thing, the music was actually good in this. I usually can not take singing in these kinds of movies, but there was something about the songs that did not make me want to skip the whole song. I think it was the fact that the songs were actually catchy.


This movie also did a good job going back in the past and answering questions from before. An example of this was about Mirabel and her lack of a special ability; Everyone in the family has a special ability, and I wondered what happened to her. A few minutes later the flashback appeared and her door disappeared.


There were parts of the movie that I didn’t really care for. It is not really a terrible thing, but it was very predictable. The moment in the very beginning where the grandma talked about the candle and it burning out would be bad, I knew it was going to burn out. I feel they could have shown it in a different way or let us figure it out ourselves.


Overall this was a really good movie, and I would watch it again. I do recommend it to anyone questioning about watching it.

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Gavin Phillips is a senior Writing in Publishing major from Aliquippa. This is his first year on the Siren. He likes hiking and trying new things.

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