April 20, 2022

On January 25, 2022 a truck crashed carrying 100 lab monkeys and three of the lab monkeys escaped from their crates. Michele Fallon, who was a bystander, did an interview with us.


She was in Bloomsburg going to Dansville on her way home when the accident happened. When she went to help, she thought some of the debris were from a dump truck, but they were really from the trailer where the monkey’s were held. Another bystander told her they saw a cat run by, so Fallon went to investigate as she said she was an animal person, but to her surprise it was monkeys.


Fallon said, “I never thought I would see a monkey on a crate in the road.”


Fallon said she’s getting a lot of backlash on Facebook for not knowing better, and that at the ASPCA she would stick her fingers in the cage of cats and pet them and nothing would happen, so she didn’t think twice about doing it to what she thought were cats at the time.


When asked if the CDC was doing anything, she said: “Absolutely nothing. Neither is the health department. The only time I got a response back from the CDC and the health department was after repeated emails after I sent a copy, like I put the CDC and Health Department and then copied it to Mark Hiller and PETA. That’s the only time I got a response, when I started getting the press involved.” 


On the 25th she had a knock on her door, it was a lady from the Geisinger Lab in Danville, saying that she needed Michele’s blood immediately. Her doctor didn’t know anything about them needing her blood, it took her three days to actually find out that the CDC had her blood.


Due to the driver not telling her about the monkey’s in her truck she is going to try and take legal action or at least as much as she can. The lawyer she talked to said that this goes beyond sending a letter because they had thrown her around while she was trying to find answers for all of this.


Michele really just wants to know if the monkey’s have been tested for anything and if she has anything to really worry about. Michele said she spoke to the driver for at least seven minutes until help showed up and the driver had every moment to tell her that there were monkeys in the trailer and he didn’t.

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