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January 11, 2022

A Season for Second Chances is a novel by Jenny Bayliss. In this book Annie Sharpe divorces her
husband Max Sharpe for adultery. Throughout this book you’ll be with Annie as she learns to love
again and grow by herself with the small help of her twin sons. This book is definitely for more mature
audiences as it dabbles in her sexual life and has adult language. The girls she meets along the way help
her become who she is. Annie ends up watching over this house for an old lady named Marianne
(Mari.) She tries to move on with her relationships but the first person doesn’t work out. Max
continuously tries to get back together with Mari but it continuously keeps failing. No matter what he
does Mari doesn’t let it happen, she almost does but she stops it. Her kids encourage her to get with
people which helps her move on faster. Meeting Mari’s nephew John Granger, at first she truly
despises him but as time goes on they start to get closer. At first they were like oil and water, he doesn’t
particularly like the fact that she is reopening the coffee shop his aunt used to run, he doesn’t like that
Annie is keeping up with traditions because he wants to tear it down. He also doesn’t like that she
judges him so quickly. No matter how much they try to get along it’s hard, I believe it’s because they
are so alike but neither of them wants to admit it. Annie brings up the idea of her buying Saltwater
Nook instead of him tearing it down and he goes for the idea, bringing them close. Eventually they do
end up getting together after John almost dies and realizes how much he actually does love her and it’s
truly sweet. This book is most definitely a slow burn, almost an enemies to lovers trope. Though I feel
as if some parts were cliche. I feel like that’s what made me like this book, it was almost a Hallmark
movie type book. This book definitely was a four out of five stars. I liked it but it wasn’t really a book I
would normally read but I definitely do recommend this book. Let me know what you think!

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Emma Giammanco is a 17-year-old senior staff member. She writes book reviews and hopes you enjoy her column! When she isn't writing for The SIREN, she's either working, playing video games, or reading to pass her time.

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    SandyJan 11, 2022 at 4:26 pm

    I would check out this book based on the review. I like the description of a journey to rebuild and discover a new relationship. I’m not a self-admitted “romantic novel” gal, but this sounds interesting. Congratulations!