Salvucci holding a a guitar in front of a microphone, about to perform.
Salvucci holding a a guitar in front of a microphone, about to perform.



October 27, 2021

Letter from a Stranger is a new biweekly column in The SIREN that gives people the chance to tell their stories. Some of them are inspiring, and some of them are heartbreaking. Each “letter” is a chance for SIREN readers to learn more about the struggles, triumphs, and perspectives of people they know nothing about but live right here in our community.


Gabriella Salvucci is a junior music major from Oakdale. She is not only a student, but a musician and a performer. How has being in the industry at a young age affected her? And how is she able to balance the two? 


“I’ve been writing songs since I was in elementary school, but I’ve become more serious about it in the past four or five years. I started performing at a young age because I used to participate in musicals, but I’ve been performing my own original music for the past four years! 


“My family encouraged me to attend a music camp where I got to record and perform my own song for the first time. It completely changed my life by helping me to find my voice and confidence. My first paid gig was a show my friend I met at music camp and I put together in celebration of her debut single. It was an intimate show with our friends and family and definitely one I’ll never forget. 


“Not much has changed at school or in my friendships, but I’m thankful for that. My friends have been so encouraging of my music which is amazing. I remember being so nervous before I released my first single, and they made me feel so supported. 


“My family is very close, but sometimes we have miscommunications or get stressed because of my music career. However, it’s always exciting whenever I get a new email from my manager, or book another gig. I’m grateful that my parents are involved and supportive because without them it would be a lot harder to handle the difficult situations that come along with being a musician. 


“My weekly schedule can get pretty overwhelming when I have five music lessons throughout the week, sometimes a gig I have to prepare for, as well as my school arts classes and my academics. Overall, I’m typically able to make time for everything, but I don’t beat myself up if I miss practicing every once in a while. My mental health is most important, so I give myself breaks from music whenever it’s causing me stress to avoid burnout and make sure it stays as something I love to do. 


“I don’t necessarily have a hard time meeting deadlines, but I slip up from time to time. My schoolwork has always been my biggest priority, so if I know I have something due that I need to finish I manage my time so I’m not missing too much music practice. I’m definitely still learning how to balance music and school, though!”


If you want to support Gabriella and her music you can find her on Spotify and Apple Music under Gabriella Salvucci! (She is amazing!!!)

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