October 26, 2021

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a lot of things, but a normal member of society was not one of them.


Most known for his composing and musical talent, Mozart was a highly respected guy with a lot of prestige behind him. What’s not talked about, however, was his love for fart jokes, his potty mouth, and how he loved to imitate cats.


According to  Karoline von Greiner Pichler, a former student of his, Mozart was listening to her play piano when, “…[Mozart] suddenly tired of it, jumped up, and, in the mad mood which so often came over him, he began to leap over tables and chairs, miaow like a cat…” 


This was apparently not the first time, either.


It is believed he even wrote the song “Nun liebes Weibchen,”otherwise known as the “Cat Duet,” where a woman responds to her distraught husband’s questions with nothing but meows, and her husband breaks down and only meows, too. The song is primarily made up of in-tune meowing, which any cat would surely love. 


Another curious song written by Mozart is the one titled “Lick me in the butt!” (though, another non-school appropriate word was used). The lyrics were just the title repeated, and when the song was given to a publisher, they figured they better not and changed everything to a much more manageable “Let us be glad!”


His jokes left some to be desired, most based around the usage of bad words and mentions of his fecal matter, or what he called “scatological humor.” Joking letters written by him often included mentions of poop, his butt, and smelling farts. Most of these were sent to his 19 year old cousin, Marianne. 


What a weird dude.

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