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September 16, 2021

Luca is a Pixar movie that released June 18th, 2021. 


This movie, however, is different from other new movies that have been released:


It was not released in theaters, which poses two questions.

If you have the streaming service Disney +, the only question is, “Do I have time for a movie that’s an hour and a half long?”

If you don’t have Disney +, the question is, “Do I really want to pay for a physical version of a movie I haven’t seen yet?”


The movie overall was really interesting, and I really seemed to enjoy it. I liked how the underwater scenes had the fish doing what people usually do. It really made them seem more relatable. 


There are a few things that could have had a better explanation such as Alberto’s past. I know it didn’t really seem clear to me, but it also really wasn’t a main staple of the movie.




Rating: four out of five cows!


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