October 5, 2021

Downtown Pittsburgh had its very own walking urban legend stalking the streets at night. 


In the late 40s and 50s, Charlie No Face was seen in the late hours of the night roaming the city. Teens would pack into cars and hit Route 351(where he was most commonly found) in an attempt to get a look at him. 


You’re probably wondering: how is a guy taking a walk an urban legend? Well, Charlie’s skin emits a green glow, his face was missing both eyes and a nose, and half of his arm was missing. 


Ray Robinson, the true identity of Charlie No Face, was a normal kid until 1919. When he decided to take a look at a bird’s nest, a trolly wire electrocuted him. 


This completely melted and disfigured his face and melted part of his arm off. His damaged skin needed to be coated in vaseline, which gave him the sheen to his skin.


Ray walked the streets to hide in the darkness. Walking in the day left Ray with unwanted looks and attention.


Robinson was known for posing for pictures with people in return for a pack of cigarettes.


In 1985, Ray passed. He left his legacy behind that surely has not been forgotten. Unidentified investors in Western Pennsylvania had put $1 million dollars to a project making a movie about Robinson. Due to multiple setbacks, this movie has been put on hold. 


“We have no plans to make the film, but we’re not letting go of it,” Tisha York told Times Online, a screenwriter from Ellwood City involved in the movie’s production. 

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Ashley Sell is currently a junior at LPPACS. This is her fourth year here and her second on staff. She works as the Director of Digital Media.

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