May 12, 2021

Last week, we discussed incense scents and their meanings. This week, we will be talking about libanomancy, otherwise known as capnomancy. Essentially, both of them deal with communication through incense smoke or the way the ash falls. 

Incense smoke can help you determine:

  • Clean energy
  • Yes/no answers
  • Omens
  • Success/failure


This form of divination can be used to contact spirits or deities. It can also determine the energy in a room. The messages are interpreted by different directions in which the smoke blows, or how the smoke bunches. 


For example, if you are communicating with a spirit, first start with questions that you know as fact, such as: Is my name Ceresa? Do I live in California? This is how you know the spirit you’re dealing with is legit (please note that the smoke only responds to yes or no questions).


If the answer to your question is yes, the smoke should either go straight up. This indicates that you are on the right path. If the answer to your question is no, the smoke will waiver or move to the left. This indicates that you are not doing the right thing. 


If the smoke makes rings, this is also a yes but some unexpected things are coming. That, or you’re about to be mega successful.


If your smoke ‘breaks’ or his spaces, this is a definite no.


To determine the energy in a room, note how your smoke bunches. If it does not bunch at all, this means the energy is dense and you need to cleanse. If the smoke bunches, you are in the process of cleansing/cleansed. 


Smoke also tends to follow negative energy. If your smoke seems to be going somewhere/following someone, it is trying to cleanse that space. Let the smoke go where it needs to go. 


Watch out for any symbols in the smoke. Someone can be trying to read out to you, or warning you!


There is lots more that goes into libanomancy so I recommend researching this further. I highly recommend libanomancy (it is one of my favorite forms of divination), but it gets a lot more complex.


Join me next week to learn about fire scrying!


Blessed be!



If your smoke splits in two, this may indicate multiple spirits/deities or the option to take multiple paths.

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  • F

    FGSep 12, 2022 at 12:45 am

    Is there significance behind if the smoke automatically snuffs out when trying to practice this?

  • J

    Joyce CrockMay 16, 2022 at 12:10 am

    Great and helpful article.

  • R

    Rebecca A RussellMay 20, 2021 at 4:51 pm

    Very Interested.. Any suggestions of how to books, or a school to attend to learn more?

  • R

    Rebecca A RussellMay 20, 2021 at 4:50 pm

    Do you have any suggestions of books to read to learn the technique? I am very interested .