May 14, 2021

Hey! Are you looking for some relationship advice? Well, I’ve got you covered! Why take love advice from me, when you can take it from a woman who has been married for 65 years? Lincoln Park student Layla Cline’s grandmother, Pearl, answered a few relationship questions from her experience. 


What advice would you give to younger couples?

If I could say anything, I’d say don’t jump right away into marriage. Especially without dating for a long period of time, and making sure you learn what your faults are and what their faults are. And when you’re unhappy don’t just get up and say, “I’m out of here!” Unless of course, it’s a SEVERE situation, then obviously you should do what you feel is right. But aside from that, if you find that you’re unhappy, you need to communicate what’s making you upset or what’s going wrong in your marriage/relationship. Then from there, you can both decide if it’s worth working on or not. But on the other side, make sure you yourself are understanding and hear out your partner if something is bothering them too. You fell in love once, figure out what happened down the road. All you can do is fight for it, and if it works, it works.”


Why do you think older generations have more success in their relationships?

The answer to this one is a bit simpler. I guess because of the lifestyle and in my era, there weren’t outside influences like TVs, computers, iPhones, video games, and anything else along the lines of those. You enjoyed life as it was. You went outside and you weren’t stuck in your home 24/7 glued to a screen. Today is so different from how it was when we were younger. There are different expectations. Because there weren’t as many things back then, you had more time for one another.


What’s your secret for a long-lasting marriage?

In our day, we were always taught that you know, you were more of a wife as far as preparing meals, doing laundry, taking care of the children. All that stuff. And more or less the man could do his sports/hobbies, and if you didn’t mind, it didn’t really cause any chaos. I never really minded if my husband played cards, or went bowling, etc. So, as long as you’re understanding and trust your partner in your marriage, that’s what makes a marriage long. More or less trust, compatibility, and just understanding one another.



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