May 13, 2021

Oftentimes, watering plants is regarded as a relatively easy task. You just take a cup, fill it with water, and pour it over the plant or the soil.


What if I told you you’re doing it wrong? That that method isn’t the healthiest way, and depending on the kind of plant you have, could mean the end of your gardening career?


I’d like to suggest an alternative method: osmosis, and no I don’t exactly mean that thing you learned in biology class.


While the actual definition of osmosis (in terms of plants) is basically the roots of the plant moving the water molecules up the stems of the plant, this “osmosis” is a version of that.


Basically, you want to place a potted plant into a saucer filled with water (about halfway up the pot) and let it sit for five or so minutes.


Why water your plants this way? It lets the water get to the roots way faster than watering it overhead would be.


This method is also widely recommended for plants such as cacti and succulents.


Also, make sure the pot has holes at the bottom of it!


Good luck watering, and see you next week!

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