May 5, 2021

Welcome back, witches. This week, we will be discussing fire scrying. Fire scrying is when someone or something communicates via candle flame. 


Fire scrying can be used when a witch needs information that cannot be easily accessed. For example: communicating with spirits, trying to seek outside information on a situation, relationship questions, etc. Think of it as tarot in the form of a flame.


Many witches use fire scrying to communicate with deities as well. Oftentimes, candle flame is thought to be one of the easiest forms of communication, next to incense smoke or libanomancy. 


In my experience, the type of candle does not matter when you are scrying. Unless you are going off of color for intent/dedications. For example, if you are trying to communicate with Hel, you should use a black candle. If you are trying to communicate with Loki, you should use a green candle. 


In order to fire scry, one must enter a trance-like state. You must be extremely calm, quiet, and focused. Just like with Libanomancy, first ask questions that you know the answer to.




Is my name Ceresa? Do I live in California?


After those answers are responded to correctly, you may begin your session. If the answers are not correct, you may not be speaking with who you want to be.


To know if the spirit is saying yes, your flame will not waver. In fact, the flame should burn higher than before the question is answered. If the answer is no, your flame will dim to almost nothing. If the flame is moving rapidly, there is either an argument, confused energy, or the path has not yet been determined. If the flame splits into two, you may have more than one spirit present. That, or there is more than one path to travel. 


When communicating with deities, ask before you blow out your candle. If the answer is no, it means they have more to tell you or they want to stay. Keep asking questions. If your flame goes out on its own, it means you’ve either upset your spirit/deities or they wanted to leave. 


If a candle sparks when you light it, it means a spirit or deity is trying to contact you. Look out for certain signs. 


Please be careful when performing ANY kind of divination. You can never be absolutely sure of who you are dealing with. Stay safe. 


Blessed be!

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Ceresa Morsaint is a writer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is the Director of Social Media for the SIREN. She studies American Sign Language, and her articles revolve around witchcraft and environmental tips/updates. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and reading Frank McCourt novels with her cat, Burt.

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  • K

    KathrynJul 12, 2022 at 7:55 am

    I ended up here today because I had an experience yesterday morning and I was curious if there was anything on the internet to confirm what I had happen. I intended to cleanse after a deep conversation with a lower vibrational human so I grabbed my crystal candle that I recently purchased from The Mindful Collective and lit the three wicks. Once all three were lit I noticed one flame was clicking. It drew my attention so I focused in on it. I felt as though I should talk so I did. I also felt that when the flame was clicking, it was agreeing with me or telling me yes to my question, and no clicking was a no or a disagreement with what I said or asked. I felt very peaceful and calm during this experience though it has never happened to me before. I’ve recently learned that people are trying to communicate with trees by standing close and asking the tree to touch their shoulder, and then it does. Then I saw a video of a woman claiming that it isn’t the tree responding, but rather the “fae”. I looked this word up and it appears to be a shortened version of the word faerrie or fairy. The woman in the video warned others to stop talking to the fae. I saw this particular video the day before I had the fire communication experience. During the communication with the flame I asked if I should try to speak to a tree and it responded yes. I asked if I should communicate with all of the elements and also got a yes. After seeing your explanation of yes’s and no’s, I’m confused now if all of what I thought was a yes was actually a no and vice versa or if it could possibly vary depending on how the human understands the difference between a yes and a no? Because I felt as though we established (though loosely) before the questions that a click was a yes and no click was a no. I also asked if I was thinking about the words “Morse code” because maybe the click was a coded response. I got a yes. I asked if I should study Morse code, and got a yes. Again, these responses are what I understood as yes and no responses with a deeper message in the clicking that I can’t read yet. Anyway, I thought I’d share this with you to see if anyone else has any other experiences to share? I am a fire sign so I don’t know if that makes a difference or not but the one time I tried the talking to the tree thing, I didn’t get any response from the tree at all. But then this flame just kind of said, “hey! I’m here, notice me”. So I’m wondering if we fire signs are actually supposed to use flames instead of trees? Just a theory. Anyway, I also noticed the box that my candle came in, after speaking to the flame, and on it I noticed the text on the box says, “soul of fire” and reading that gave me a feeling of validation that I had a real conversation.