March 17, 2021

Last week, I said that I’d be writing about candle colors, however, many people have been asking for an article on crystals for awhile now. Therefore, I have decided to push candles next week in order to help my readers in a timely manner. 


So crystals! Almost every witch uses crystals in their practices. Some practice with crystals exclusively, though they may be hard to find/expensive. 


Why should you use crystals? 


Crystals are directly related to the Earth element. These sorts of objects are used to make one feel more balanced and grounded. Many believe that certain crystals can do certain things, or make you feel a certain way. This is why they are so popular, in my opinion. There’s a variety of things crystals can be used for. 


However, there are some bad things about crystals. 


Crystals are extremely expensive, especially if you become obsessed with them (as most usually do). Crystals can range anywhere from a few dollars, to hundreds, depending on size. As well as this, it’s very difficult to know whether or not you have purchased an authentic crystal. Because of these things, I greatly advise that you heavily research what crystals you want and where you’re purchasing from. 


Crystal meanings:


As I have previously mentioned, crystals can do different things. I have created a small guide pertaining to the most common crystals. 


Rose quartz- love, romance, healing, friendship (heart chakra, #4).


Clear quartz- Can be a substitute for any kind of crystal, however its meaning is: power, amplifies intent and energy, protects against negative energy (crown chakra #7, but can align any of them).


Amethyst- trust, intuition, spirituality, wisdom (crown chakra, #7).


Obsidian- truth, shield from psychic attacks, powerful cleanser (chakra below the feet, #1).


Citrine- manifestation, imagination, personal will, healthy mind and body (solar plexus chakra #3, or all chakras).


Onyx- support in times of stress or grief, stops energy from draining by absorbing and transforming negative energy, helps you find your true-self (base chakra #1).


Turquoise- feminine, refreshing, tranquility, joy, calmer states (throat chakra #5).


Moonstone (my personal favorite)- protection, inner-growth, strength, calmness, inspiration (third eye/ crown chakra, #6).


Jade- good fortune, abundance, money youth (heart chakra #4).


Join me next week to talk about candles!

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