March 22, 2021

Welcome back! Today, I’m reviewing the A Day To Remember’s new album that I’ve been waiting to review. They dropped their newest album You’re Welcome and before I do get into the review, let’s talk about what the album has!


The album is 46 minutes long and has 14 songs on it. This has been the first album that they have dropped in the past 5 years since they dropped their last album, Bad Vibrations.


A Day To Remember has been one of my favorite bands and they have always been good with making new music. When I listened to this album, I was disappointed. I absoultely did not like this album whatsoever.


I was 100% upset with what they did. They added more pop and country songs to this album and I’ve never been a huge fan of country. I like pop, but it didn’t sound right to me. I am always open about bands changing their sound and trying new things. This just wasn’t a good transition, but it also wasn’t a good way of them trying to change their sound.


I hate the fact that I didn’t like it, but I cringed while listening to it because it was just that bad.  They auto-tuned their voices to the point that it just sounded weird, they used different sounds that didn’t mix well with their lyrics and voices, and let’s not forget that some songs sounded like musical numbers. I’m not joking.


I wish I was [joking], but some songs sounded like you could find them off of the Grease soundtrack. It was awful. I used to be a theater major, and I surely did not like that because I really am not a fan of musical songs.


This album just wasn’t the vibe or sound I was looking for from them. They still are my favorite, but their newest album sucked. They only had like 3 songs that I liked and those songs can’t save this album.


Sorry, A Day To Remember, your album wasn’t good.


I give the album a four out of ten. I’m sorry this was a very negative review, but I’m brutally honest. I hope you enjoyed the read and see you next time! Let’s jam to some music on the next Meg’s Playlist.

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Meghan DelMonte, of New Castle PA, is a senior Writing and Publishing major. She is an aspiring writer and model. She loves music, fashion, photography, and loves traveling. Her biggest goal in life is to become a plus-sized influencer and write for a music magazine.

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