March 1, 2021

Welcome back! Today, I’m going to be giving you ideas and tips to making your own clothes and reasons why it’s better, more affordable, and a great way to help the environment.


Over the past couple of years, I started to notice how expensive it is to buy good, decent name brand clothes and I started to wonder if making my clothes and shoes would be better. I’ve always been a crafts type of girl and fashion is one of my favorite things, but actually sewing and making a shirt seemed way more difficult to me and let’s be honest really quick — I surely do not have the materials and equipment to even make my own shirts.


I started brain storming ways to reuse and design outfits out of things I already own. I bought some paint, brushes, and the materials I needed and I started crafting.


The first thing I wanted to make were my own custom fake Nike Air Force I’s. I’ve always wanted a decent pair of the plain white or custom Air Force I’s, but all my money right now has been going to saving up for moving out and college. So I thought to myself… How about I make my own? I went out to my local Walmart and bought a pair of plain white sneakers that looked exactly like the real thing, but without the Nike symbol. I took some acrylic paint, pull up a picture of the shoes I wanted, and I painted away.


The end result of the shoes looked amazing and really professional. I did, however, have to put at least 3 more coats of the paint on the shoes so the colors didn’t look chalky.


I didn’t reuse the shoes, but I have been reusing different thrift finds to make them more exciting and my style. Thrifting is a great way to find new-old things that you can easily redo yourself! It’s also a great way to help nature out too! Instead of throwing away your old clothes…take them to a thrift store or simply make them different. Go to your local craft store and find materials that can make your clothes yours!


Nearly 81 tons of clothing gets thrown out every year. Thrifting and reusing your own clothes can help reduce textile waste! Everyone grows out of things, but reusing the material can make a huge difference. Cut up a shirt and make a bag out of it, paint those old shoes, make those old pants into a funky hat. The possibilities are endless.


I really hope this helps and you guys try this out as well! Thank for joining me. Stay fabulous and see you on the next Fashion Tips With Meg.

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Meghan DelMonte, of New Castle PA, is a senior Writing and Publishing major. She is an aspiring writer and model. She loves music, fashion, photography, and loves traveling. Her biggest goal in life is to become a plus-sized influencer and write for a music magazine.

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