February 18, 2021

How do I begin my health journey? Where should I go? What should I do?


It can be intimidating to go up to muscular Martin and ask about his workout routine. Especially when you know he is going to say something like, ‘I drink a gallon of water, eat celery, and never leave the gym.’ I mean, good for Martin, but…yikes. Let’s find some more attainable options!


Wolfgang Nicholson

“Well every morning when I get up, I always make some warm lemon water because that helps revitalize yourself after you wake up,” says Wolfgang Nicholson, a sophomore dance major from New Castle. “I do a couple of stretches and some yoga sometimes. And after school I have a workout routine I do, and after my workout routine I have a protein shake.” 

This is not a high maintenance lifestyle – anyone could incorporate these daily habits. Or, you could even drink eight glasses of water a day, because I know that with my body if I don’t do this, I will pass out from dehydration! I choose to keep track of my water count in the notes section on my phone, so I don’t forget (just a little tip).


“I would probably say to try out a bunch of new [healthy] foods. Some things you may think you may not like, because ‘Oh I didn’t like it when I was younger, I’m not gonna like it now, ‘ or , ‘it’s so weird I’ve never heard of it.’ But there are so many new aspects of food people miss out on,” Ally Feczko, a sophomore from North Catholic high school who lives in Pittsburgh states. 

Stacy Feczko

…because food and laziness can have a real impact on your mind, but so can a healthy lifestyle.

As for the food aspect of health, just because you are eating clean does not mean smaller portion sizes. You still need to nourish your body, not starve yourself! So even if you have worries about calories, you could always try separating fats from carbs to regulate your blood sugar. I learned this trick from a group called Trim Healthy Mama. Their recipes will leave you full after every meal.


Living a healthy lifestyle does come with hardships. “There are days were I say, ‘I really wanna eat this chocolate bar right now,’ but I know it’s gonna completely throw off my routine, it’s gonna ruin my workout…” Nicholson shares. 


Of course, it’s good to keep in mind the 80-20 rule. I eat healthy 80 percent of the time, and have junk food 20 percent. If you limit yourself too much, you could start binge eating unhealthy snacks, and fall off the green eating wagon.


“Start little by little, maybe if you wanna drink more water, if you wanna get stronger. Start by one glass a day, even one push up a day, or something like that. Don’t try to go at it all of the way in the first day, because that will not make you wanna do it anymore because it will be so hard for you at first.” 


Trust me. Changes will become more noticeable when you stop obsessing over them.


I feel like I am going to have a thousand pounds of muscle the next day [after a workout] or after a really good couple of stretches my kicks and leaps are gonna be all the way up there. They obviously aren’t going to be, the next day. But you’re in such a better mood, because food and laziness can have a real impact on your mind, but so can a healthy lifestyle,” Nicholson admits. 


If you struggle with disordered eating, a bad relationship with food, body dysmorphia, or anything else concerning your physical and mental health, make sure to consult a doctor to get proper help!

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