February 10, 2021

As a witch, one of the most common requests I get on or around Valentine’s Day, is to do a love spell. “Make my boyfriend more in love with me, make my crush love me, make my friends break up…” 


Blah, blah, blah. Key word in all those requests: make. Personally, I refuse to do any spells that affect people’s free will. It is not my place to make someone fall in or out of love. In fact, my usual response is that you should do a love spell for yourself.


Ask yourself why you want those things, and understand that you need a love spell for yourself. Because if you love yourself, you don’t need anyone else’s validation. Besides, if they don’t love you without magick, it’s not real and it’s not worth it. Take it from a real witch.


Anywho, it’s ingredient time:


  • Rose quartz 
  • Rose petals 
  • Vanilla either/or vanilla salt 
  • Pink, red, white, black candles 
  • Cinnamon incense
  • A quiet, peaceful space, maybe even a bathtub?
  • Any herbs you see fit that would help you personally (mugwort for sleep or lavender for relaxation)
  • Anything else that feels self indulgent (favorite face, face mask, nails, etc.)


Calling a circle is not necessary if unwanted or inexperienced, however I still recommend you cleanse your space of negative energy before the ritual. This can be done with incense or sage (not the endangered kind). 


If you’re using a bathtub, fill up the tub with water, rose petals, vanilla and/or vanilla salt, body glitter, essential oils, etc. Place your candles around the tub, light them bad boys, and relax. Think of all the things you don’t like about yourself, and find beauty in it. If you can’t, speak it into the universe.


Ex.  “I love my face, I love my voice, I love my stomach.”


Physically wash the negative energy off of your body, and when the bath is done, feel and watch the negativity go down the drain. 


If you’re not using a bathtub, write all the things that you dislike about yourself on a piece of paper. Get a fire proof dish, and light the paper on fire with a pink or red candle. Imagine your insecurities burning away. Add any herbs you think would help you personally, into the fire. As the paper burns, speak love for yourself into the universe (I love my stomach, face, etc.)


Whether or not you used fire or water, collect the ash or leftover water. Add it to herbs, melted wax, anything else you’d like. Place it in a spell bag or jar. Seal it however you’d like, but make sure self love is your intent and imagine the disappearance of all negativity.


Bury your spell in the ground where it cannot be found nor dug up (you can also use an anti-detection spell for this), and continue to manifest your spell until you are satisfied with the results. 


Now we wait 😌✋

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