February 12, 2021

More and more, we are seeing the dating scene become diversified with interracial couples. As Generation Z grows old enough to date, a Black man dating a White woman is not the “controversy” it used to be. But what about the flip side of these relationships? What about White men, dating Black women?


This occurrence seems rare to find, according to a WttW writer Nicole Cardos: “… [A]2010 Pew Research Center report found that Black women are the least likely group of women to marry, especially outside of their own race.”


How can this be, when it’s socially acceptable to see an Black man pursue a White female?


“It’s just hard to connect with someone that doesn’t really understand what it’s like to be a minority, and be oppressed,” says Nevaeh Weaver, a sophomore music major from Chippewa.


In history, Caucasian men have been the figurehead of privilege. And sometimes when you’ve had a bad experience with the majority (the majority being White males), the image of self-righteousness sticks.

Anyone can be ghetto, people forget that you don’t have to Black or White you can be any race at all,”

— Nevaeh Weaver

“Or [White males romantically interested] tried making racist jokes, that they don’t really have the right to make. Or for example, this one kid he told me that ‘I’m the only colored girl, that he has ever been attracted to,”’ Weaver tells readers. 


But this is what is heightening the problem. Can you think of any media … where Black women have been touted as the most desirable romantic partners? Nowhere,” Judice [a sociologist] said for Nicole Cardos.


Lack of representation causes people to form subconscious discrimination, but instead of outwardly saying it, the excuse is usually, ‘minority women aren’t my type.’


“For some people it’s uncomfortable to them. Sadly they have this view stereotype of Black women that comes to mind. There’s just this strong stereotype built on Black women and that ‘they’re supposed to be ghetto, and hood’ and all this stuff, but that’s not the truth at all. Anyone can be ghetto, people forget that you don’t have to be Black or White, you can be any race at all,” Weaver acknowledges. 


The common theme is assumption. If we just put the focus on the person we are interested in and eliminated social logical barriers, then the dating pole would not be so narrow.


“I feel like the majority of men need to realize there is much beauty out there that is outside their comfort zone,” Weaver says. 

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