February 8, 2021

Hi guys, welcome back. Happy almost Valentine’s Day! Today, I’m reviewing one of my all time favorite albums that fit the lovey dovey theme of February. I’m going to be reviewing The Divine Feminine by Mac Miller. The album is 53 minutes long with 10 songs including, Dang!Cinderella, and one of my favorites, God Is Fair, Sexy Nasty. I already reviewed Mac Miller’s GO:OD AM the last time, but I truly couldn’t resist reviewing this album. The album dropped September 16th, of 2016. The album features Kendrick Lamar, Anderson Paak, Ty Dolla Sign and the singer’s ex girlfriend, Ariana Granda.


Let’s get into the review!


I personally love this whole entire album as a Valentine’s album or just a love album altogether because it captures the true meaning of what it’s like to fall in love and it shows the vulnerable, raw emotion of exploring the world of love. Mac said that he wanted to write an album about romantic love and learning from all the women he has been with and what he felt while with them.


Many think that the album was created for Ariana Granda because she was his girlfriend at the time of the release, but she has denied that and said only Cinderella was about her. Rumors even say that he wrote each song about all of his ex girlfriends and how he felt towards them. As a listener and a fan, I’ve been involved with each relationship he had and I understand both sides of those rumors. I do believe though that each song was created for different women in his life and to show honor to what they did for him as a man and a person.


The album allows you to step into a different world. A world that goes beyond just “puppy love.” He opens your eyes to different forms, aspects, and stages of love. He explores it from sex to pure emotion. He doesn’t miss a single beat about anything. I’ve always had an appreciation for the album because it helped me explore my sexuality and who I am as a person, a lover, and even what I have to offer myself when it comes to self love. The meanings go deeper as the album goes on. It opens you up to a euphoric feeling within yourself. It’s hard to explain the feeling to someone who has never heard the album. I give the album a ten out of ten and that’s my unbiased opinion of it.


Please go listen to this album! I promise you that you won’t regret a single thing about it. That’s all I have today. Let’s jam to some music on the next Meg’s Playlist.

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