February 4, 2021

We’ve all heard about the red flags, but what about the green ones? Here are some ones to look out for within your relationships.


SUPPORTIVE: They are excited for your new opportunities and proud of your accomplishments. They want you to succeed and do not get jealous over your growth. 


HONORS BOUNDARIES: They respect your boundaries and don’t try to challenge how far they can push them or you. 


KIND: The way that someone treats other people says a lot about them. They are polite to waiters, employees, strangers, their family, you, and your friends (and everyone else).


GOAL SETTER: They set goals for themselves and follow through with them. They have dreams and ambitions that they are working towards.


COMPROMISES: They are willing to compromise when necessary. They recognize that both of your desires/visions are valid and try to honor both of them. 


GOOD LISTENER: They listen to you when you speak and show interest in the conversation.


APOLOGIZING: They apologize for their mistakes and try to be better in the future. They don’t blame you for their mistake, they take responsibility. 


GOOD COMMUNICATOR: They communicate with you openly and honestly. They tell you the truth and they don’t avoid telling you things or answering your questions.


AUTHENTICITY: You feel safe and comfortable being the real you with them. The silly crazy funny you. You don’t feel the need to pretend you’re someone else around them. 


POSITIVE FEEDBACK: Your family, other friends, etc. approve. (not necessary but it’s a good sign when most or everyone who knows about your friendship or relationship supports it and thinks they are good for you.)


Come back next week to see the red flags!

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