February 2, 2021

This genre has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, which means there’s a lot of material to choose to read, watch, and listen to. Many true crime episodes are about an hour long, making it somewhat difficult to find the day to watch them without the possibility of watching them late at night when paranoia is through the roof. That’s why I here to tell you the best shows to watch to save you time!

The Infographics Show

This YouTube channel offers MANY videos on the true crime genre. I’ve spent many a bus ride filling my time by watching these. What makes them so enjoyable (is that the right word to use in this case?) is they’re typically under ten minutes, yet you get a full understanding of the crime. Honestly, I prefer this over the slow plotting of a three hour movie that leads to the inevitable, “shocking” reveal that the main character is a serial killer.


The Infographics Show offers a playlist on serial killers and one on other high profile crimes that have been committed. Another thing to appreciate is the host’s ability to give very small, disturbing details without making it unbearable to watch or listen to. One last plus is the channel talks about crimes that aren’t as well known (like my personal favorite: The Hinterkaifeck Murders).

The Lake Erie Murders

My friend’s dad grew up in Erie, and he summed up the environment by saying how people left their doors unlocked so their family or friends could freely walk in and out unannounced. Yeah, this show shows the dark side of the town and every shore Lake Erie touches.


A lot of the episodes may actually start out with the whole “it shocked this small town that such a brutal crime” blah-blah-blah-blah. Though if done well, why not copy the same plot? Of course, all the crimes are different, and it’s helpful because the episodes don’t depend on each other. You can watch the series on and off! Another thing that personally attracts me to the show is that some of these things happened only about two to three hours away from Pittsburgh… yeah, it’s a weird form of local pride, I guess.


One of the reasons I enjoy this show is because of how frustrating it is. As the title suggests, it’s about missing persons who’ve suddenly disappeared. Sounds like a simple concept, though what makes these interesting is often there’s little to no evidence as to where they could’ve went or who could’ve kidnapped them.


On to the frustrating part: after the show goes through all the possible trails of clues and seeming so close to finding where the missing went, you find out it’s unsolved. Not all of them are, though as the series went on, the more episodes focused on unsolved cases. While it’s also the same basic plot, each story is different and leaves the watcher on edge.


So there you have it! Be sure to tag The SIREN on social media or comment on this post if you watch any of these shows!

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