February 3, 2021

The weather turns cold, trees begin to die, and the world looks darker than it did before. As witches, our power comes from our connection to Earth. It affects us when winter comes, and we may even stop practicing our craft during these months. Inactivity tends to make many witches feel guilty for not being active, but what they seem to forget is that Earth is not being active either. If your connection is limited, your power is limited. 


The seasons represent the natural cycle of life. Winter is death, Spring is rebirth. So if the earth is resting, we must be, too. This is mostly because of the Triple Moon Goddess. Just as Christians have the holy trinity, witches have the goddess or Heckate. 


The first face of the goddess is the Maiden. She is young, beautiful, full of life- like Spring. 


The second face of the goddess is the Mother. She bears the fruit of her labor and prepares a safe, warm home for her kin to ready for winter- like Autumn.


The third face of the goddess is the Crone. She has withered away and she is decaying. She is in her last phase of life- like Winter. 


This does not mean that you can’t practice witchcraft during the winter months. You can try to draw power from other sources, like the moon or snow. If this is difficult for you, try small things like sigils and charms to get you through the winter. Personally, winter greatly affects my craft and I constantly have to remind myself of why I’m feeling the way I am. But when spring comes, I’m casting blessings and charms left and right. 


Want to learn more about sigils? Join me next week for another Witchy Wednesday! 


Blessed be.

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