February 5, 2021

As someone who keeps plants while at the same time two mischievous cats and a very hyper dog, making sure my plants are safe is something I pride myself in.


However, I can’t always make sure my pets don’t get ahold of my plants considering I’m not monitoring them 24/7.


For example, someone recently left the door to my room open, which led to my cats eating the leaves of one of my (notably cat safe) herbs.


So, the first thing to note: you obviously want to make sure that every plant you plan to keep in your house is safe for the pets you keep.


You can find things like this with a quick google search, but I do stress looking at multiple sources.


Another obvious thing that some people don’t seem to get: put your plants in a room with a door.


I know, seems simple enough, but it’s something a lot of people often opt out of.


I also think there are certain “domes” that you can buy online if you insist on putting your plants on display.


I would also like to note that you can tweak things based on your pets’ personalities.


For example, if you have relatively calm pets, you can probably get away with having more plants than you would if you pets payed more attention to those things.


Having pets and plants is something that’s usually specific to the kind of environment you have at home, but good luck!

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