January 25, 2021

Welcome back! January 19th was the late Mac Miller’s 29th birthday. Mac Miller was one of my favorite artists with his diverse sounds. He produced a variety of different genres from Larry Lovestein to Faces to his last piece of work Circles. Mac Miller was an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer from Pittsburgh, PA. Today, I’m going to review one of my favorite albums from him, GO:OD AM. GO:OD AM has been one of my favorite albums from him for so long.


There are 17 songs on the album that include WeekendWhen In Rome, and Perfect Circle/God Speed, and is an hour long. The album is the best hip-hop work/feels album you could listen to. Personally, the best times to listen to this album is in the morning before going to work or school or at night and I mean, super late at night. It sounds best that way. You can get the real, raw emotions of the album at night or while you are going somewhere like school or work. It boosts your energy and emotions, right when you need it to.


What are my thoughts?


Now, I’ve been a Mac Miller fan since his K.I.D.S. and Blue Slide Park days and I’ve watched him grow as an artist and a songwriter. I love everything that he has created. When GO:OD AM came out in 2015, he was in his prime of making new music and becoming the artist everyone knew he could be. He was starting to get sober in 2015 when the album dropped, but of course, he added songs in the album to make sure everyone knew he still was struggling. I’ve always enjoyed all of his music and I’m going to give my honest opinions on it. Yes, the album is old, but for me, it still feel brand new.


I don’t want to be biased because even though I love Mac Miller, I will still give my honest thoughts on the album. It isn’t my number one favorite from him, but it still is a favorite when it comes to Mac Miller. All of his music is my favorite, but if someone asked me what my favorite from him was, I’d 100% say The Divine Feminine or Faces, but I do love the album. He brought a variety of different emotions towards each song. He added love songs, hype songs, sad songs, and just down-right emotional. He made you feel like you could party all night while, of course, crying here and there.


I’m going to give the album an eight out of ten. The album gives you the raw and party side of him and I hope you guys listen to it. Mac Miller was surely a blessing for some in the music world and his art and soul will forever live on.


Let’s jam to some music on the next Meg’s Playlist.

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