January 21, 2021

Growing up without a role model of a healthy or successful relationship is very hard. It changes the way you view relationships and who you are in them. Especially if you overheard the fighting as a child or you were what was being fought over. 


I want to start off by saying that divorce is not necessarily a bad thing and doesn’t always have a negative outcome. The process and result largely differ for every family. None the less, for any circumstance it’s not an easy change and will always affect you. 


You are very strong for enduring the pain obstacles and difficult situations you were put in due to the divorce. Please remember that just because your parent’s relationship didn’t work out as planned, does not mean that yours will share the same fate. You are not your parents. You are your own person with your own choices. You are not destined for unsuccessful relationships! And most importantly, you are not the one to blame!

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AVA LOCKETTE, Director of Social Media
Ava Lockette is a Junior Writing and Publishing major from Mars, PA. She is the Director of Social Media and contests on the SIREN. She has been a part of the newspaper for two years. She enjoys all forms of the arts and is interested in writing relevant articles concerning politics, mental health, and women's issues.

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