January 12, 2021

Are you looking to reduce the amount of food waste you have? No? OK that’s kind of stupid, but if you answered yes you should totally continue to read to found out some double uses of your favorite organic trash.


The first thing that is quite useful is eggshells! Think about it: eggshells are literally an encasing to keep a developing bird in and provide it with the necessary nutrients to survive. They are chocked full with nutrients plants would thrive on.


To use them, a lot of people grind them up and mix them in with either water or soil, so you can take your pick.


Another little trick would obviously be compost, but namely things like leftovers from apples, fruit peels like from oranges and bananas, and things like that.


Actually, if you have leftover bananas, I’d suggest mixing them with the eggshells to create a kind of plant food paste (gross, I know).


Don’t like the idea of making compost? That’s alright! Depending on the soil, you can just take your leftover fruit and mix it in there with it (though don’t blame me if it smells).


Another thing that you can add is bread-moldy or fresh. Surprisingly though, it’s probably better if it’s begun to mold. Just be sure that that mold doesn’t spread to your plant (which you can do by burying it or constantly monitoring it).


The last thing that I wanted to talk about is raw meat. Yes you read that right: raw. meat.


Raw meat not only holds a lot of nutrients but is probably one of the most natural things you can feed your plants.


However, I do want to say that it is best to compost this or heavily supervise the meat as it can attract bugs and rodents if left unchecked.


If you do decide to compost it, I’d say to look up how to compost it depending on what kind of meat it is.


Anyways, those are just a few ideas of how you can reduce your food waste and give back to either your plants or even just the forest outside of your house.


I’m sure some random tree wouldn’t mind if you stopped by to drop off some random food waste.

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