December 21, 2020

Welcome back! Today on Fashion Tips With Meg, I am going to be talking about plaid  and the stigma around it. I know plaid is a very difficult pattern to wear and pair with pieces, but I’m going to tell you why you should try it.


Now, when I was growing into fashion and what I liked on my body when it came to pieces, I always shied away from plaid or anything that had patterns. I was scared that they would make me look wider or make me give off “office” vibes. I always stayed with black, gray, and basic neutral colors. As I grew older and as the fashion world grew wider with its variety of styles, I started to slowly step out of my comfort zone. I started stepping into pieces that I actually liked. Plaid became one of them.


I started finding pieces I liked that had plaid patterns in them and I would try them to see how I liked them. I started styling them too. After awhile, plaid become one of my favorite patterns.


Plaid isn’t as scary as you think. It can be paired with anything, really. I get a lot of questions asked when I add more plaid pieces into my closet.


“Why do you keep getting more plaid pieces? That’s too much plaid.”


There is no such thing as “too much” of anything when it comes to having patterns in your closet. You can add multiple different styles of pieces with the same pattern in your closet. You can have plaid pants and a plaid blazer in the same closet. There is nothing wrong with it at all. I feel like people should embrace more patterns like plaid in their everyday style.


Now, why should you have it in your closet?


Plaid is a unique pattern that makes your closet have a spark in it. You shouldn’t be scared of different patterns and step out of your comfort zone with pieces. Self growth in your sense of fashion helps you express yourself for who you are as a person. You can style plaid in many different ways.


Try a plaid piece out. You won’t be disappointed.


That’s all for Fashion Tips With Meg. Drink some water and stay fabulous!


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Meghan DelMonte, of New Castle PA, is a senior Writing and Publishing major. She is an aspiring writer and model. She loves music, fashion, photography, and loves traveling. Her biggest goal in life is to become a plus-sized influencer and write for a music magazine.

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