December 18, 2020

When we’re single, we spend most of our time wishing to be in a relationship. To find that perfect person to make us happy.


But the way we picture our relationships to be in our heads distort the truth of what a real relationship actually is. There may be someone you are compatible with, but nobody’s perfect. Imagining them that way dehumanizes them and puts your connection at risk. You both are going to make mistakes, you’re going to fight, and that’s normal. Life isn’t a fairytale. On the other side, having a person be entirely responsible for your happiness is dangerous. Not everyone we love is going to stay in our lives. When they become the only reason we feel happy, we’ll instantly be at our worst when things don’t work out.


As lovely as it sounds to have someone to spend time with and care for us, a healthy and successful relationship can not be possible if we aren’t okay with being single. If we don’t love ourselves and love our time alone first, then we will lose our identity in a relationship.


Don’t be with someone else just because you don’t want to be with yourself anymore. You have to value yourself enough so when you do get in a relationship, you’ll stand up for yourself and communicate your wants and needs. If you don’t like yourself very much, the best thing for you is not another person – it’s self reflection.


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AVA LOCKETTE, Director of Social Media
Ava Lockette is a Junior Writing and Publishing major from Mars, PA. She is the Director of Social Media and contests on the SIREN. She has been a part of the newspaper for two years. She enjoys all forms of the arts and is interested in writing relevant articles concerning politics, mental health, and women's issues.

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