Ella Mai: A Review On Her Newest Song

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December 14, 2020

Welcome back to another Meg’s Playlist. Today, I’m reviewing Ella Mai’s newest song, Not another love song. I hope you guys enjoy the review, and let’s get into it!


Ella Mai is an R&B/soul artist. She is from London and was part of a trio in 2014 for the X Factor. She has dropped a couple different EPs since  2016, but her most famous album is her self titled album, Ella Mai. She has been one of the most up-and-coming artists of the female R&B scene with her variety of songs she has dropped.


She has only dropped a few songs between 2018-2019. She has been featured in multiple songs with a giant group of different artists.


let’s get into the review:


I haven’t heard anything from her since her self titled album and I randomly came across her new song while searching for new music. I was really excited because I’m a huge R&B/soul fan, especially when it comes to the women of that genre. Women musicians of the R&B genre are my absolute favorite so I was very excited to hear it. It sounds a lot like her other songs, but it is one of her best sounding songs for me, personally. The song is based around falling in love and not wanting to come to terms with it. The vibe of the song is very upbeat and lovely.


The whole sound of the song makes you want to fall in love and understand the struggles of learning to undo your emotions even when you don’t want to. I personally love songs like this because it is very raw emotion and makes you feel like you understand what love is.


I gave this song a full eight out of ten because it wasn’t my favorite of hers, but as I stated before, it is one of her best songs she has made and I really do enjoy the song.


Thank you for joining me on today’s article about Ella Mai’s newest song, Not another love song. I hope you check her out because she is a really talented artist! Let’s jam to some music on the next Meg’s Playlist.


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