December 7, 2020

Since it’s winter, there really isn’t much gardening that you can get done, so I think now’s a better time than ever to talk herbs.


The first one I want to mention would be the Lobelia Cardinalis, otherwise known as the Cardinal Flower. This is a beautiful herb that, when it blooms, flowers into a beautiful collection of striking red petals.


I also like this one because its scientific name (mentioned above) sounds like the name of some uptight Victorian noblewoman.


Another plant I quite like the name and appearance of is the Toothache Plant, or Paracress. While this plant vaguely looks like a toothache, it actually got its name from its medicinal uses, which is easing pain for teeth.


I really like the color scheme of it. It’s a sort of dainty yellow colored sphere with a big blot of maroon in the middle, and while I haven’t seen this plant in real life, I imagine it would be fun to touch.


The next plant I want to talk about is famed for it’s unique taste (specifically in its seeds). That plant is Bronze Fennel! If you were to search it up, you’d see that this plant has an interesting look to it, where it almost looks poofy if left to grow unchecked.


I think that having a ginormous fennel plant to guard my front door in the future would make for an interesting greeting to visitors.


There are plenty more plants I could drone on and on about, but I think you get the idea! I’m sure my list will grow soon, especially when spring rolls around.

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