December 10, 2020

Something that I’ve noticed throughout these past months is that some people tend to apologize for things someone else maybe wouldn’t think anything of.


Too often I see people say sorry for stuff like taking a mental health day or replying to a text a little bit late. I want to let you know that it’s okay to do those things without having to apologize.


Doing something for yourself, that you know is going to benefit you, should never make you feel guilty. Maybe you’re wondering what I’m talking about? What sort of things could possibly make you feel guilty if it’s good for you?


Let’s say this: maybe you feel bad because you have to ask for an extended deadline on a project, or you had to cancel your plans because you simply aren’t up for them.


While you may be hung up on the inconvenience on some people’s parts, it’s better to focus more on prioritizing yourself above others.


I promise you that if you ask to cancel plans or for an extension or anything that you think is “selfish,” the person that you are speaking with will most likely think nothing of it.


You should not have to sacrifice your mental well being just to make someone happy.


Another thing that you shouldn’t feel selfish about is reaching out for help, and that could mean something as small as asking someone to repeat themselves.


Asking for help will not make you a burden. In fact, I would argue that not asking for help would be more of a burden on both ends.


Why would you want to give yourself the same burden you were so determined not to give someone else? You deserve to give yourself the same respect you give others.


Selfishness in of itself is something so easily mistaken in yourself despite the fact that it is easier to recognize in others.

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