November 23, 2020

People don’t need to stay in our lives forever for them to be important or to teach us a valuable lesson. Sometimes the best thing to happen to a friendship or a relationship is for it to end. Here are a few benefits of moving on to encourage you to start the process. 


You’ll have more space in your mind to focus on other things. Self improvement and self care becomes more of a priority causing a lot of inward growth. You’ll discover who your true friends are and develop a stronger connection once you allow yourself to be vulnerable and share your feelings.


Moving on isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most healing processes you can go through. You deserve the freedom and strength it provides you! Don’t punish yourself for their actions.

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AVA LOCKETTE, Director of Social Media
Ava Lockette is a Junior Writing and Publishing major from Mars, PA. She is the Director of Social Media and contests on the SIREN. She has been a part of the newspaper for two years. She enjoys all forms of the arts and is interested in writing relevant articles concerning politics, mental health, and women's issues.

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