December 17, 2020

The holiday season is upon us, which means a lot of people will find themselves in need of a “Christmas Tree” to adorn their living room. Today, I want to tackle the time-old topic: Which is better? A fake or real Christmas Tree?


I do want to say that I am a bit biased (as you probably will read) considering my experiences with real “Christmas Trees” are not my favorite things.


Now, for the sake of the aesthetic, maybe you were planning on getting a real Christmas Tree, and while I would tell you to go for it, please be aware of what you’re getting into.


Living trees are a lot of work for a number of reasons you can probably already guess, but I’m going to hurl them at you anyways.


Speaking of hurling, if you get a real tree, you better be prepared to clean up the most festive barf you’ve ever seen. You see, it could just be my cats, but the predicament happens every year: 1) cat eats tree 2) cat’s body finds out it can’t digest said tree 3) cat upchucks pine needles all on your cute little decorations.


If you buy a real tree every year, I do hope you’re prepared to take care of it. As someone who used to be tasked with that, I would like to say that taking care of a real Christmas Tree is the most annoying thing in the world.


For starters, you have to water it quite a bit, which would probably add a growing amount of money onto your holiday costs.


Plus, the pine needles also make a phenomenal mess no vacuum can even bare to keep up with.


“But, Grace,” you might say, “fake trees drop ‘pine needles’ too!” And to that I would agree with you, but I also introduce to you that real trees and their needles are way more prone to mold and catching fire than any plastic one would be.


Now, I do want to add that the authentic trees are at least recyclable, whereas the artificial ones are not, but I’m going to have to go with the artificial ones solely because they’re reusable and easy to keep up with.


Now, don’t get me wrong, I’d choose any recyclable option over the latter, but I think the authentic trees are worth too much trouble in the long run (with growing, cutting down, upkeep, etc.).


However, if you want to go ahead and get an authentic tree, who am I to stop you! In the end, it’s your choice and yours alone; don’t let some condescending little SIREN writer be your deciding factor.


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