November 23, 2020

Hello, and welcome back to another Fashion Tips With Meg. Let’s have a chit-chat about “Grandma clothes” and why you should have at least one piece in your closet.


Now, let me not get sad here, but recently, my family dealt with the passing of my grandmother. My grandma was sassy, fierce, and she knew how to dress. She never dressed in typical grandmother clothing whatsoever. She had a sense of style that only I will use in my day to day style now that I have received a few of her pieces of hers.


For my first piece, I got her jean jacket flannel and let me tell you – this is such a soft and comfy piece. I love comfy articles of clothing, so this fits perfectly. It is such a flattering piece to own. You can literally put any shirt under it and it will be cute. I’ve never been a huge fan of jean jacket flannels just because it gives me very ‘yee-haw’ vibes, but this one I actually like. It’s a very plain piece, but if you added pieces that balanced the flannel out… it will look very wearable.


My second piece, is a jean jacket with very, and I mean very not so flattering piece of art on the back. The jacket itself is very cute, vintage, and represents my grandma and who she was, but the flower on the back is kind of ugly. I will however, be putting cuter patches on the back around the flower to give it more of my style.


My third piece is this very on brand jacket. It is a black, Winter puffy jacket and this is my number one new favorite jacket I own. I will be living in this jacket once the weather starts getting colder. This jacket has so much potential and I have so many ideas of how to style it.


For my last piece, I have this very over-sized brown Winter jacket. Something about this jacket just caught my eye. I’m still trying to find different ways to style this jacket, because I don’t have the right pairs yet to balance out the jacket with some other pieces, but I do have ideas in mind.


The rest of the pieces were scarfs, but they all were pretty much the same. Each jacket gave me New York City vibes and they all made me very excited for Winter. “Grandma clothes” and vintage looking pieces are very trendy and my favorite type of style. If you give the vintage, Granny look a try… you won’t regret it!


That’s all I have for you today! I hope you find some outfit ideas and I hope you raid your grandma’s closet next time you’re at her house and tell your grandma that she is the most stylish queen out there! remember to call your grandma, drink some water, and stay fabulous. See you on the next Fashion Tips With Meg.

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Meghan DelMonte, of New Castle PA, is a senior Writing and Publishing major. She is an aspiring writer and model. She loves music, fashion, photography, and loves traveling. Her biggest goal in life is to become a plus-sized influencer and write for a music magazine.

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