5 Songs You Need On Your Fall Playlist

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November 16, 2020

Welcome back to another Meg’s Playlist! Fall is almost over and we will be going into Winter soon… which means, Christmas! I have so much planned for you guys for the month of December, but today, we are going to talk about 5 different songs that you should have on your Fall playlist. I always review new albums, but I wanted to spice things up for you this time!


Let’s get started.


First on our list we have…


#1 Female Energy, Pt.2 by Willow Smith.

I love songs that boost your confidence and show support towards females. This is such a soothing and majestic song, and I love Willow Smith. She is one of my favorites when it comes to music based around womanhood and being a female. She is very open and supportive about “female energy,” and this is a must have on your playlist. It’s great for rainy day Fall showers, driving to get coffee with a friend, or just staying home for the day.


#2 Hit Different by SZA ft. Ty Dolla $ign

This song is a very well known TikTok song, but I found it through my love for SZA. This song can be played during any season, but I find it more relaxing during Fall. It’s a slow beat song that screams Fall. SZA has always been great when it comes to relaxing songs, and she really hits it with this one.


#3 We fell in love in October By girl in red

Now, come on! This song is supposed to be a Fall song. This song is so cute and very romantic if that’s what you’re going for this season. The song is very self explanatory.


#4 Rosyln by Bon Iver & St. Vincent

Did I just add a Twilight song on this playlist? You bet I did. It’s a great song. I know many people will shy away from it because the movies can be cringey, but I promise you that it fits into this playlist. Listen to the song while taking a walk at your local park’s trails or sitting outside as the leaves fall. It will put you right into this nostalgic feeling of comfort and balance with yourself. Trust me on this one!


#5 London by Seaway

I talked about Seaway in my last article when I reviewed Big Vibe. I love Seaway as a whole when it comes to them being a band. They provide many different sounds and vibes when it comes to their music. They can bring you a Summer vibe or a Winter vibe. This song gives me Fall, rainy day, having tea in London vibes. It’s a 10 out of 10 for me.


I hope you guys enjoyed my playlist! Let me know in the comments if you like these playlists better than album reviews. As always, let’s jam to some music on the next Meg’s Playlist.


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