December 22, 2020

With winter just around the corner it’s no secret that it is the time for indoor plants. While flowers may be visibly appealing, I think some herbs can be just as beautiful.


Plus, herbs have just as much use if not more as compared to flowers.


Without further ado, let me tell you about my favorite herbs to grow indoors!


So to start, I think opal basil is really appealing if you’re looking to spice things up. It looks just like regular basil except it has a dark purple color.


I actually have one in my room sitting pretty on my windowsill as you read this!


Usually, I dry this herb out and put in things like sauce or as a topping, so not only is it pretty, but it’s useful too.


Maybe you don’t like being limited to choosing one color, and to that I would suggest creeping thyme!


Creeping thyme, otherwise known as breckland thyme, can come in a lot of different colors! This breed of thyme is also the flowering kind, so you get an herb and flowers all in one!


This next one may arguably my unpopular opinion, but I think purple sage is also a very beautiful indoor herb. But honestly just sage in general is a good choice considering there are so many different kinds with different appearances!


The reason I say this may be an unpopular choice is because sage has so many more traditionally beautiful breeds than purple sage (woodland sage, scarlet sage, etc.).


However, all of these kinds of sage have a really strong smell, so if you’re room is kinda smelly I’d suggest including some sage in your winter houseplant collection.


Another suggestion to decorate your windowsill and your dinner would be rosemary! Specifically blue boy rosemary, which looks like regular rosemary but has these beautiful little blue flowers that pop up after a bit.


Though this list could go on and on, I think it might be best to end it here. All of the care for these plants is relatively similar, just make sure you water them regularly! Happy planting!


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