November 5, 2020

What a dreadful year it has been… my my! Deadly viruses, presidential elections, the sunsetting at 5 PM… oh, well, I suppose that last bit happens every year. Still! I think we can all agree it has been an extremely draining experience, this annum. I believe I speak for us all when I say we are ready to be over and finished with it! Let it be cast into the bowels of the Earth to never be seen again!


In the meantime, however, maybe there are a select few other things we could do. De-stressing, perhaps! Now, I am well aware of the straining effect that most of the meme works usually featured in this series cause, so, why don’t we take a little break? I believe it is only right for attentive students to be given vacations every now and then. So, for this installment, we’ll be discussing an incredibly simple meme – hopefully this will allow each and every one of you to recuperate in time for next week’s events!


In this fourth edition of a series of founding documents for Critical Meme Theory, memes will be broken down for the comprehension of the average man, bit by bit. You, the reader, will be presented with examples of the finest and most intellectual meme artistries to be created thus far. While some of these may prove to be frustratingly dense for most outside observers, you are asked to please try your hardest to mentally bear with us, even if your insufficient mental capacity limits your ability to do so.




Well, it certainly is refreshing to have something simple, eh? Something sweet and succinct. We don’t get opportunities like this often, so savor it while you can!


Let us quickly and leisurely dissect this meme work. Within this image, we can see a simple cartoon face drawn on a plain white background. This cartoon face has a remarkably strange head shape, with exaggerated and outlandish facial features plastered on. All four corners of his face have wrinkled as he gives us a great big toothy smile. Whoever this chap is, he certainly looks chipper!


Well, as it would turn out, this innocent little character is known as the “Troll Face!” At least, he is in online communities that are well versed in meme culture and mechanics. (I myself am involved with many of these, however, they are strictly gated and require a massive amount of screening to even be considered for the waiting list)


Now, the Troll Face may look as though he is grinning with some sort of malignant intent – perhaps he intends to bewilder you with some form of intellectual tomfoolery, or perhaps he would appreciate making you appear as if you were an imbecile by causing or allowing misfortune to happen to you. While this may be your first instinct, it is hardly worth trusting. As any half-respectable scholar would tell you, the first and sole intent of his existence is to spread joy. I mean, really now, did you think a fellow with such a massive grin would have anything but the utmost joy filling his heart? That is nonsense, plain and simple.


Troll Face is a symbol of peace, hope, and happiness. This applies not just to meme culture, but every culture. This character has become beloved in places all over the world, from Nebraska to Iowa to even Maine. Wherever you set foot, know that peace may be made with any man by showing or imitating the Troll Face.


Of course, that is certainly practical information, but also keep in mind that Troll Face is a good tiding. Whenever you see him, remember to smile back and be happy! It is only natural. Even right now, smile! Just give a big grin! Do your own version of the Troll Face!


Well, I certainly hope this small issue of Critical Meme Theory was both educational and uplifting. I am very pleased that I have the ability to reach all of you so regularly, and I do hope these columns light up your days. Even though the image of Troll Face I showed was incredibly simple, I hope each and every one of you realizes the great emotional and historic significance of one the greatest characters of all time. 


As usual, while it is possible the analysis of this meme may have proved rigorous and in-depth for most, it will be only the fourth in a long series of memes to be dissected by the eye of Critical Meme Theory. For your own long-term mental well being, it is advised that you reread this document (and ones before it) again and again until you fully understand every concept that is being presented within it. As both a citizen of the modern world and a consumer of modern pop culture, it is your duty to understand and critique every meme you should come upon, no matter how complex it may appear to be. 


Thank you, and remember to get out there and show the world your Troll Face!



The Meme Theory Committee 

Grant LeRoy

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Grant LeRoy is a senior Writing & Publishing major who has always had a knack for comedic writing. He hopes to work in the film and TV industries, with some music work on the side. He writes Critical Meme Theory, with new installments every week!

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