November 18, 2020

Have you ever felt extremely connected to a certain animal or pet? This animal may be your familiar. A very long time ago, familiars were also seen as spirit guides or guardian angels. In almost every culture, familiars have been around for many years and were seen as a form of protection.


In simple terms, a familiar is an animal whom we have a deep, magickal connection with; however, it was believed during the time of witch-hunts that familiars were sent to witches by the Devil to do their bidding. It was said that familiars were tiny demons inhabiting animals. This is… not the case. 


To some witches, familiars are extremely important. To others, familiars are not a necessity. As with any type of magick, it varies from witch-to-witch. If you really want a familiar but do not have a pet (or feel connected to this pet), there is a way to find one.


There are multiple ways. Some believe you can do this by meditation, visualizing multiple animals or whatever animal may be your favorite. But if you are seeing a certain animal everyday, that may be a sign. For example, birds, bunnies, squirrels, deer, foxes, stray cats, etc. 


Another way is a spell. It’s simple and you’re essentially just sending a message into the world. Here is a chant (credit to Itchy Witch on The Witches Circle Amino):

I call the beast

And the beast calls me

By my will, by divine will

Dance to the beat of my heart

Ancient ones hear me

And bring the Goddess manifest

Fur or fin, scale or feather

Hear my call for a magickal Familiar

Creature of earth, air, wind or water

Come to me, mentor me

I shall care for you and honor you

Blessed be!


This is not the only chant you can do, and you can also make your own spells. If you’d like to learn how to make your own spells, tune in next week! Blessed be!

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Ceresa Morsaint is a writer based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is the Director of Social Media for the SIREN. She studies American Sign Language, and her articles revolve around witchcraft and environmental tips/updates. In her spare time, she enjoys baking and reading Frank McCourt novels with her cat, Burt.

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